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Composition of the Academic Council:

According to the articles 9 and 10 of the provision of Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University, Order N52/02 of 19th April, 2017 of the Rector and minutes N1/2017 and N2/2017 of 20th May, 2017 of Academic and Representatives Councils’ (Senate) Electoral Commission, full composition of the Academic Council is elected and set with following composition:


A) Valentina Sakvarelidze - Chairman of the Academic Council, THU Rector;

B) Vacant (Faculty of Law);

C) Tamar Laliashvili (Faculty of Law);

D) Ilona Sakvarelidze (Faculty of Healthcare);

E) Tatiana Zubiashvili (Faculty of Healthcare);

F) Vacant (Humanitarian Faculty);

G) Irina Jobava (Humanitarian Faculty);

H) Vacant (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management);

I) Madona Gelashvili (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management).


Working term of the office of Academic Council of THU is until May 24, 2021.