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Academic Council

THU's Academic Council Was Determined by 9 Members:

1. Valentina Sakvarelidze (Rector) - Chairman;
2. Kakhi Qurashvili (Faculty of Law) - Secretary;
3. Tamar Chitoshvili (Faculty of Law);
4. Ilona Sakvarelidze (Faculty of Healthcare);
5. Tatiana Zubiashvili (Faculty of Healthcare);
6. Maka Kacharava (Faculty of Humanities);
7. Vacant (Faculty of Humanities);
8. Vacant (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management);
9. Madonna Gelashvili (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management).

THU's Academic Council Chairman - Professor Valentina Sakvarelidze;
THU's Academic Council Secretary - Professor Kakhi Qurashvili.

THU's Academic Council Shall Be - 24 May 2017.