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Since the establishment of THU (1992) faculty of Humanities has been functioning, dean of which  since 2012 is Professor Mrs. Maka Kacharava.





Maka Kacharava - Doctor of Philology, professor; Is engaged in several scientific and pedagogic activities in various higher educational institutions. Co-author of more than 40 scholarly articles, one monograph and one guideline, editor of scientific journal, reviewer and supervisor of Bachelor's and Master's degree study programs, opponent of Ph.D. dissertation. Since 2010 Head of Quality Assurance Service at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University, since 2012 Dean of Humanitarian Faculty; ERASMUS+ coordinator from 2015. Associate Professor at Sokhumi State University since 2006 to present day, Head of Quality Assurance Service of the Faculty of Humanities; Since 2006 - expert of Authorization and Accreditation of Higher and Professional Educational Institutions at National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement; Since 2016, expert of continuous education of public servants at local self-government. 



















The representative body of the Faculty of Humanities is faculty council that unifies faculty’s academic personnel and students.


Faculty of Humanities is one of the major scientific and structural units of the university, which - based on academic freedom and autonomy develops and implements educational programs in the field of higher education specifically in the field of humanities and social sciences, philology and other relevant fields.


Faculty conducts its activities in accordance with the provisions of the faculty regulation  


Faculty of humanities conducts its activities on the basis of the Law of Georgia on Higher Education and regulations of University and faculty itself. On the faculty, the accredited Bachelor's degree program in Europaenizm and Master's degree program of in Slavic Philology (taught in Russian language) is offered.


The Bachelor's Program aims to develop broad theoretical and practical knowledge of  humanitarian sciences and English philology as well as in relevant field provide general competences. Master's degree program in Slavic philology is aimed at preparing qualified professionals of Slavic languages and literature and integrating them into international scientific space. Master students study 2 Slavic languages and literature in Russian and Ukrainian philology modules.


Within the framework of Economics, Business and Management Faculty has prepared Bachelor's program in Psychology which received accreditation from the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.


Professional staff  are employed at the faculty in the fields of English, German, Slavic, French, Georgian Philology, as well as History, Philosophy, Psychology etc.


Mrs. Gaiane Grigoryan coordinates the educational process on the faculty of humanities