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For strengthening and promoting scientific-research activity of academic personnel and students, the University provides budgeting for scientific-research activities, annually determining the priorities of scientific-research activities within the relevant budget; Preparation of grant projects, obtaining information and access to local and international grant competitions; Organizing scientific forums for academic personnel and students; Organizing and/or hosting of international interactive seminars, conferences and workshops for academic personnel and students; Conducting scientific conferences and providing it with the participation of academic personnel and students; Developing proposals for monitoring and enhancing the university library funds and digital resources; Performing other activities in accordance with the priorities defined annually.
Scientific Research Coordinator is in charge of  strengthening and facilitating scientific research activities of academic personnel and students at the Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University and to enhance the international scientific-research cooperation and improve the quality of teaching.
The composition of the scientific research council is approved by the THU Rector's Order N16/01 of 29 January 2018 and the duration is 2 years.

Composition of Scientific Research Council:
A) Professor Valentina Sakvarelidze, THU Rector, Chairman of the Board;
B) Professor Tamar Laliashvili (Faculty of law);
C) Professor Maka Kacharava (Humanitarian faculty);
D) Professor Nino Ormotsadze (Faculty of Health);
E) Professor Irma Dighaminjia (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management);
F) Vladimir Oganezov - student;
G) Nino Sudadze - student.

The process as well as the execution of the decisions taken by the Scientific Research Council is led by Scientific Research Coordinator.

Academic Research Order is available in Georgian language