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The private legal entity - Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University is an institution of higher education (University). Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University educational activities are carried out on the basis of academic freedom and autonomy of its own mission. Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University's mission is to sectoral and professional standards established pursuant to the first and second cycle of higher education or equivalent, as well as vocational education programs, as well as the realization of educational programs for the public interest in accordance with the regular review of the rapidly changing and modifying:
- To offer interested parties and give the proper quality and accessible higher and professional education;
- Contribute to an individual's intellectual potential, his creative and professional skills, to provide the student / professional student in higher education or vocational outcomes and competences and the formation of the modern knowledge;
- To ensure adequate quality of the domestic labor market requirements of employers, the relevant competence and qualifications of specialists, and graduates from the same market - professional competitiveness;
- Has made a contribution to the teaching and learning of academic freedom, the development and introduction of modern teaching methods and technical and professional standards of perfection.