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Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University Student Self-Governing Bodies: General Meeting of the Students, Which Elects Student Government President, Vice-President and in Direct the Students of Faculties - Student Government Council, With 20 Members.

Student Government Council Was Elected on November 30, 2017 and Its Term is Defined on 30 November2019.






President of Student Government is Beka Ghazhonia.


Beka Ghazhonia - From 2017 he is studying at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Management of Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University, and is also the chairman of the "Student Unity"; The projects implemented by Beka are "Book for All Villages" and "Entrepreneurship". He is currently employed in the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia, has an active student life and is involved in numerous civic initiatives. 















Faculty of Law

1.    Vladimir Oganezov

2.    Darina Geladze

3.    Tatia Khvibliani
4.    Iago Shakaya

5.    Aleqsandre Kuchava

Faculty of Economics and Business

1.    Beka Gjozonia - President

2.    Merab Chakhvashvili

3.    Aleksandre Sakvarelidze
4.    Lika kachkhuashvili
5.    Lana Nuroshvili

Faculty of Medicine

1.    Zoya Engoyan
2.    Mariam Gabunia
3.    Lana Khmelidze
4.    Maia Janelidze
5.    Nana Bezhiashvili

Faculty of Humanities


1.    Nini Sudadze

2.    Megi Jibladze

3.    Mikheil Bibiluri
4.    Tiniko Diakonidze

5.    Ana Goyaev