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   №                Name, Surname                            Position               
   1 Kakhi Kurashvili Professor
   2 Tamar Chitoshvili Professor
   3 Eka Zarnadze Professor
   4 Archil Loria Professor
   5 Lela Nadibaidze Professor
   6 Maka Salkhinashvili Professor
   7 Tamar Laliashvili Professor
   8 Davit Geperidze Associate Professor
   9 Beka Kantaria Associate Professor
  10 Manana Khvedelidze Associate Professor
  11 Maia Ivanidze Senior Teacher
  12 Lali Fafiashvili Senior Teacher
  13 Shalva Kurdadze Senior Teacher
  14 Nino Nijaradze Senior Teacher
  15 Maia Kopaleishvili Senior Teacher
  16 Aleksandre Kuchava Student
  17 Elene Kvernadze Student
  18 Giorgi Chinchaladze Student
  19 Teona Janibegashvili Student
  20 Iago Shakaia Student