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   №                 Name, Surname                             Position               
1 Ilona Sakvarelidze Professor
2 Nino Ormotsadze Professor
3 Elene Nikobadze Professor
4 Khatuna Koridze Professor
5 Tamar Mosidze Professor
6 Tatiana Zubiashvili Professor
7 Manana Orjonikidze Professor
8 Ilia Mukhadze Professor
9 Rusudan Devnozashvili Associate Professor     
10 Vladimer Khutashvili Associate Professor 
11 Konstantine Kacharava Associate Professor
12 Giorgi Beriashvili Associate Professor
13 Merab Lekveishvili Associate Professor
14 Lasha Kalmaxelidze Associate Professor
15 Imeda Rubashvili Associate Professor
16 Irina Kalandadze Associate Professor
17 Marine Shavlakadze Associate Professor
18 Tamar Vakhtangadze Associate Professor
19 Sergo Tsitskhvaia Associate Professor
20 Khatuna Kaladze Associate Professor
21 Paata Giorgadze Associate Professor
22 Nana Jincharadze Associate Professor
23 Nino Jhvania Associate Professor
24 Meri Kakhabrishvili Assistant-Professor
25 Tamar Ebanoidze Assistant-Professor
26 Gela Chaduneli Assistant-Professor
27 Medea Daraselia Assistant-Professor
28 Natia Kajaia Assistant-Professor
29 Tamar Gogia Assistant-Professor
30 Tinatin Chaduneli Student
31 Tamar Merebashvili Student
32 Tamar Sikmashvili Student
33 Mariam Gabunia Student
34 Zoia Engoiani Student
35 Maia Janelidze Student
36 Lana Khmelidze Student
37 Nika Kukava Student