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Representative Council


The Council Consists of 18 Members:
A) Faculty of Law - 3, Including 1 Students;
B) Faculty of Economics, Business and Management - 4, Including 2 Students;
C) Faculty of Healthcare - 6, Including 2 Student;
D) Faculty of Humanities - 4, Including 1 Student;
E) Automatically Member of the Representative Council, Head of the Library of THU. 


Academic staff:

1. Lela Nadibaidze (Faculty of Law);
2. Davit Geperidze (Faculty of Law);
3. Nato Gegenava (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management);
4. Nodar Grdzelishvili (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management);
5. Sergo Tsitskhvaia (Faculty of Healthcare);
6. Nino Ormotsadze (Faculty of Healthcare);
7. Elene Nikobadze (Faculty of Healthcare);
8. Vladimer Khutashvili (Faculty of Healthcare);
9. Maia Aghaia (Faculty of Humanities);
10. Kakha Kvashilava (Faculty of Humanities);
11. Inga Morgoshia (Faculty of Humanities);

Student Representation:

12. Iago Shakaia (Faculty of Law);
13. Tatia Kharishvili (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management);
14. Xatia Parulava (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management);
15. Zoia Engoiani (Faculty of Healthcare);
16. Lana Khmelidze (Faculty of Healthcare);
17. Ana Goiaevi (Faculty of Humanities);

Automatic Member:
18. Nana Barnabishvili (Head of the Library of THU).

THU's Representative Council Shall Be - 24 May 2021.