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Quality Assurance Service of Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University ensures the high quality of teaching at the university; Implementation of modern methods and principles of teaching and assessment; facilitating university authorization and accreditation of study programs processes, execution of systematic self-assessment; Integration of the university in the common European educational system; Cooperation with other higher educational institutions in Georgia; Providing analysis of various types of statistical information on educational programs, personnel and students; Preparation and realization of high quality educational programs focused on demands of society and labor market; Supporting involvement of staff members and students in university's management; Attracting highly qualified personnel and financial support to their academic research









Nana Bichenov, Study process Manager at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University.




During 2003-2007 studies at Georgian Technical University, faculty of Informatics and Management systems, specialization: Administrative-economic systems management and computer automation. Bachelor degree of Information Technology. During 2011-2013 studied at Georgian Technical University, faculty of Informatics and Management Systems. Master of Tool-building and management systems automation. As of today, is a Ph.D. student of tool-building, management of systems and test-engineering study program. Since 2010, she has been working as an invited teacher at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University, during 2011-2016 - Coordinator of study process at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University. During 2012-2013 - worked as invited teacher at Georgian Technical University, since 2016 is Study Process Manager at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University. Ms. Nana is a co-author of 4 scientific articles and one textbook.


















1) The provision of Quality Assurance Service  

2) Grading system regarding to implementation of educational programs

3) Rule of providing students with further education in case of change or abolition of the study program  

4) Methodological recommendation Guideline regarding to modern methods of teaching, assessment and grading for academic staff  (Document available only in Georgian)