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Edited according to

Decision No. 2/2011 of 31 May 2011 of the Academic Council

of Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University

and Rector's Order No. 35/01 of June 04, 2011




Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University is a higher education institution that carries out educational activities based on the article 3 of the Law of Georgia "on Higher Education" as well as article 5 of the Law of Georgia "on Vocational Education and Training".

Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University carries out its educational activities based on principals of academic freedom/independence and autonomy. Mission of Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University is:

  • To offer and provide access for interested individuals to adequate and quality higher education and/or vocational education and training;
  • To contribute to the realization of individuals' intellectual potential, development of his/her creative and professional skills, ensure formation of general and sectoral competences within the frames of provided study programs as well as acquirement of modern practices;
  • To provide Georgian internal labor market with qualified specialists with appropriate competences in accordance with employer's requirements and secure in the same relevant market, for graduates, professional competitiveness;
  • To contribute to the development of academic freedom, develop and implement modern teaching methods and consecutively improve study programs in line with international standards.