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- Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University, started functioning as a higher education institution in 1992 based on the license of carrying out educational activity issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Georgia. University has been given a right to prepare staff in following fields: history, museum works and the protection of historical and cultural monuments, journalism, Georgian language and literature, law, foreign languages and art studies.

Since 2002, university has been reorganized and changed its legal form to limited liability company (LLC), after which the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has given THU the right to implement and offer higher professional education in following fields: Finance and Credit, Management, International Economic Relations, Accounting, Control and Audit.

- During 2002-2010, THU has been carrying out its academic activity on the basis of institutional accreditation, on all three educational level. However, later according to the amendments made to the legislation dealing with status of Universities, THU clarified its status as Teaching University (changed the title to Ltd. Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University) and set implementation of high quality bachelor and master's degree programs as the main goal.  Denial to the Doctoral level education allowed the University to drive its focus to most demanded vocational education programs on labor market. 

Since 2010, Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University on the basis of State authorization and accreditation, carries out first and second level of higher education (bachelor, one-step and master's) educational programs.  Except mentioned above, THU is also carrying out vocational education programs. With the consent of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, university offers students, including foreigners, accredited educational programs in Russian and English languages.

- Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University owns Mini-Campus in Tbilisi, with two educational buildings, stadium, yard as well as garden and cafeé.

- By the decision of 10 October, 2013 of the Authorization Council of Higher Education Institutions - Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University has been granted the right to offer study programs of higher and vocational education and prepare 750 students.

- At the moment THU is carrying out 9 academic programs in Georgian language, 3 in Russian language and 1 in English language.  University also conducts 2 vocational education programs and accredited study program in Georgian language (60 credits).

- According to annual report of 2019, high quality education at THU is insured by 27 professors, 43 associate professors, 1 assistant-professors, 2 assistant, and up to 80 visiting professors who hold Ph.D. degrees.