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-   Strengthening of international cooperation and internationalization process is one of the main challenges of the University. 2013-2018 strategic development plan was oriented on expansion of international contacts. In 2013 an international memorandum has been signed with European universities: Shiaulai University (Tallinn); Warsaw technological University (Poland) and Donetsk State University (Ukraine).

-   Since 2015, THU operates International Relations and Foreign Students Support Service, which provides coordination of business relationships between THU and foreign partners and universities.

-   In 2013-2018 international contacts have been expanded, however, for the effective results, Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University plans to strengthen the internationalization process by 2019-2025 strategic plan. In 2019 year the university has developed an internationalization politics and defined supportive mechanisms for internationalization processes in accordance with the university character and functions.

-   Internationalization policy states that Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University discusses internationalization as an instrument for:

  • Organizational development;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Educational program improvement;
  • Development of scientific researches;
  • Personnel and student development.

-   In the field of internationalization policy, the university is guided by the following principles:

  • Provide a high degree of engagement of the main educational units and administrative units
  • Develop personnel and conduct the internationalization process with the right personnel (with the good knowledge of the language, modern technologies, best communication skills, project management experience, learning and seeking innovations)
  • Promote international mobility of staff and students and attract foreign students
  • Promote the development of permanent international contacts and cooperation
  • Provide the possibility of getting regular communication and information within a reasonable time.


Internationalization Policy