Quality Assurance Service

-  One of the university management bodies is the Quality Assurance Service, which according to paragraph 4 of Article 25 of the Higher Education Law, facilitates high level of teaching quality through introduction of modern methods of learning, teaching and evaluation and preparing of self-evaluation for authorization / accreditation process.

-  From the adoption of the 2013 authorization, the determining factor for THU quality assurance internal mechanism development was the legislative framework and external mechanisms for quality assurance. The University has been preparing annual self-evaluation and presented it at the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement. In accordance with the provisions of the accreditation procedures received from the accreditation standards of the normative documents, it performed modernization of educational programs.

-  Development of quality assurance mechanisms in 2013-2018 was oriented to meet the requirements of accreditation standards of higher education programs. The University constantly updates the quality of domestic standards of quality assurance in accordance with new requirements and improved approaches.

-  The upgraded standards for authorization and accreditation have given new impetus to the development of THU internal quality assurance. Significant measures for continuous evaluation and improvement of the institution's activities and resources are planned according to THU Strategic Development 2019-2025 Plan.

-  Monitoring of evaluation processes of the University's Strategic Development Plan and Action Plan, as well as evaluation of management efficiency, are planned and defined by the use of quality assurance mechanisms and the active involvement of the quality assurance service (often in the leading role).

-  At the current stage, the effective use of quality assurance mechanisms, orientation on qualitative and subjective indicators, development and assessment of the evaluation and analysis process by using PDCA cycle is a challenge for the University.