Research And Development Center

For strengthening and promoting scientific-research activity of academic personnel and students, the University provides budgeting for scientific-research activities, annually determining the priorities of scientific-research activities within the relevant budget; Preparation of grant projects, obtaining information and access to local and international grant competitions; Organizing scientific forums for academic personnel and students; Organizing and/or hosting of international interactive seminars, conferences and workshops for academic personnel and students; Conducting scientific conferences and providing it with the participation of academic personnel and students; Developing proposals for monitoring and enhancing the university library funds and digital resources; Performing other activities in accordance with the priorities defined annually. Scientific Research Coordinator is in charge of strengthening and facilitating scientific research activities of academic personnel and students at the Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University and to enhance the international scientific-research cooperation and improve the quality of teaching.

One of the objectives of the 2019-2025 Strategic Development Plan is to support research and the following activities are planned to be implemented:

2.4.1. Identify the priority directions of the research and evaluate their development

  • By November 2019, the evaluation of research activities is carried out and priorities are set
  • The research priority directions is funded by internal grants in 2020
  • The priority directions of the research is evaluated annually in 2021-2025

2.4.2. Introduction and development of internal grant funding system

  • An internal grant funding system has been developed by 2019
  • The competition for internal scientific grant of university is announced in 2020
  • The internal scientific grants of university are funded in 2020
  • The internal scientific grants of university is funded annually in 2021-2025 by university

2.4.3. Organizing university and regional student conferences

  • At least 2 conferences annually

2.4.4. The university will support local and international scientific conferences, symposiums, congresses, workshops


  • At least 2 relevant events annually

2.4.5. The university will invite famous scientists for public lectures on topical issues and for scientific discussions

  • At least 2 public lectures annually

2.4.6. The university will provide the academic/invited personnel and the students with updated information related to grant competitions organized by scientific foundations


  • The satisfication of the target audience on the quality of the information provided by the university increases annually to at least 8%

2.4.7. The university will support the participation of academic and invited personnel in local and international scientific conferences

  • Funded at least 5 persons annually

2.4.8. The university cares about improving the competences of personnel research competences by conducting trainings, master classes, workshops


  • The number of attendees in 2019 = 120
  • At least 3 events in 2020
  • At least 3 events annually during 2021-2025

2.4.9. Trainings on the work of scientific electronic bases

  • At least 3 trainings in 2019
  • The use of electronic databases increased at least 10 % by 2020
  • The use of electronic databases is increasing at least 8% during 2021-2025

2.4.10. Trainings about publication of scientific articles in International High Impact Facilities

  • At least 2 trainings in 2019 and 2020

There is presented the center of research and development in the university structure to implement the aimed plan and activities.

THTU's current challenge is to improve the competence of the research activities of the academic staff. To this end, the university intends to implement complex activities, including increasing the availability of book and digital resources of scientific purpose of the university library funds; trainings, workshops and master classes (opportunities, procedures and rules for working with scientific electronic sources, modern methods of research, publishing articles in high-rating scientific journals).

Integration of the results of the modern research in educational activities occurs as a result of the following activities:

THTU's academic staff:

- Participates in local and international scientific conferences;

- Will periodically process the syllabus in accordance with the results of the modern research;

- Directs and counsels students to prepare research papers that students will submit at student conferences.

The University has a multi-year tradition and experience of holding student conferences at university and national level, which is an effective way to attract and to support young people in research / creative work.

The University aims at arranging university and regional student conferences by organizing local and international scientific conferences, symposiums, congresses, workshops and facilitating the integration of teaching, research and economics by adopting and developing the internal grants financing system.