Reading Hall

-  The library of Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University is the university's structural unit in which there are printed editions of the university (manuals, supporting and methodical literature, historical, artistic, information and other materials), as well as books on the electronic carriers. The university library is an area facilitating the learning process, which defines the specificity of its work (primarily tailored to the needs of the students) included in the provision of the library and the regulations for the library use. The provision is public and available on the web site: The provision is also posted in the library's reading hall in a visible location. In the reading hall, an interested person can get acquainted with various informational instructions.

-  The library of the University functions every day from 09:00 to 20:00, except Sunday and day offs under the Labor Code of Georgia.

-  The library includes a learning and auxiliary space and includes the following spaces: book archive, reading hall, library staff office space, meeting and group workspace, IT equipment space.

-  The university library is equipped with appropriate inventory: 8 computers connected to the Internet (for 7 students and academic personnel and 1 library employee), one unit of printer + scanner device, one projector and netbook. In the reading hall there are 18 units of the table with chairs, in a meeting room and a group work space there is one conference table with 10 chairs.

-  According to the inventory book (25.05.2019), the library contains 5519 printed units; periodicals required for the program; the University library also disposes of a rich base of electronic textbooks, some of them are directly accessible on the website of the institution, some of them are recorded on CD discs (the number of which is approx. 250 textbooks). The electronic catalog of the library, electronic databases are available on the web-site: