Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University is one of the first private higher educational space in our country with a history of 29 years.

The University had implemented successfully higher educational programs since 1992. There had been the following specialities -  History the service of the museum, historical and cultural heritage preservation, journalism, Georgian language, and literature, law; foreign languages and history of arts.

Since 2002, the University was reorganized as a limited liability company with the same name. Tbilisi Humanitarian University did its best according to the permission of the educational ministry for the development of the programs in the following specialities: Finances and credits, management, international economic relations, accounting, control, and audit.

From 2002 to 2010 THU implemented programs in three educational stages: bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctor’s degree. Tbilisi Humanitarian university changed into the teaching University, that had the main goal to develop by quality realization bachelor's degree, Master’s degree, and one-step educational program.

At the beginning of the University establishment up-to-now, there were the justice department, economic and business department, and humanitarian. 2009 there was a healthcare department.

THU is located in the historical part of Tbilisi. This side is interesting from the educational and tourist point of view, as well as, convenient for public transport, (it’s near from underground ISANI)

THU campus is multifunctional. University provides students, academic and administrative staff with well-equipped auditoriums, laboratories, modern dental cabinets and recreational spaces. It perfectly fits the goals of teaching-learning, scientific and creative activities.