About Faculty

The representative body of the faculty is the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council consists of 7 members. The Faculty Council is chaired by the Dean of the Faculty. 4 members of the Faculty Board are elected from the academic staff and 2 members from the student body of the Faculty. The 4 members of the Faculty Board are elected by all members of the Faculty Academic Staff on the basis of direct, free and equal elections by secret ballot. Students are elected to the Faculty Board by faculty students through direct, free, and equal elections by secret ballot.
The Council of the Faculty of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences is composed of the following members:
1. Irine Arjevanidze - Chairman of the Council, Dean of the Faculty;
2. Professor Lia Chighlashvili;
3. Professor Manana Khvedelidze;
4. Associate Professor Davit Geferidze;
5. Associate Professor Maia Aghaia;
6. Marietta Kakalia - student;
7. Nika Bitadze - student.
The Faculty of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences implements a bachelor's program in law, a bachelor's program in psychology and an educational program in Georgian language.
The purpose of the Bachelor of Laws program is to provide the student / graduate with in-depth knowledge of the basic features, institutions, material and procedural norms, general principles, values ​​and values, as well as the field of specialization of the Georgian national legal system;
The aim of the undergraduate program in Psychology is to train a qualified specialist in the field of psychology, to ensure the acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field and the development of practical skills, as well as the development of general skills. Ensure the student's personal development and involvement in the educational-scientific process and public activities. Contribute to the development of student civic and democratic self-awareness through active participation in the program development process. To prepare a student whose qualifications and competencies ensure competitiveness in the employment market. To give the student the necessary knowledge and skills to continue their studies at further levels.
Georgian language training program aims to successfully enhance students' knowledge of Georgian as a second language at the B1 + level (receptive (reading, listening) and productive (speaking, writing) skills) as a result of successful completion of the training courses included in the program.
Students must master Georgian as a second language to be able to:
A) Oral communication in Georgian (in the lecture process, in university life);
B) creating and understanding oral and written texts of different functions and genres;
C) Completion of written assignments given in various practical / working groups, getting acquainted with and respecting Georgian linguistic-cultural values ​​and social reality;
D) Pragmatic use of Georgian language knowledge and skills. The courses provided by the program will develop students with the following competencies:
• Linguistic competence
• Sociolinguistic competence
• Discursive competence
• Sociocultural competence
• Social competence
• Strategic competence
Students of the Faculty of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences are actively involved in university life: student self-government, university governing bodies.
The study process at the Faculty of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences is coordinated by Ms. Eter Iremadze..

Mrs. Eter Iremadze coordinates the educational process at the Faculty of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences.

E-mail: eiremadze@thu.edu.ge

Tel: (+995) 579 540 045


Dean of Faculty

Irine Arjevanidze

Irine Arjevanidze - Academic Doctor of Philology. In 1997 she graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, majoring in English Language and Literature. In 2009 she received the academic degree of Master of Psychology at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, specialty - research methods in psychology. In 2017 she obtained the academic degree of Doctor of Philology at Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University. Since 2002 she has been engaged in scientific-pedagogical activity in various higher education institutions. She has published about 15 works in both Georgian and international journals. Has participated in international scientific conferences. Heads the "Georgian language training program" at the Tbilisi Humanitarian University.