Human Resources Management Politics

-  The following principles are provided in the human recourse management policy of Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University: equality/provision of equal opportunities; diversity, transparency, expression of free will, mutual respect and support, good faith, consideration of personnel interests, openness, optimality.

-  The policy of Tbilisi Humanitarian University determines the general principles and rules of the personnel management; the personnel management process represents the continuous cycle, which runs in the following sequential or parallel direction.

-  The personnel of Tbilisi Humanitarian University may be represented by the two main statuses:

a) Determined by the staff;

b) Part-time (with term contract);

-  The positions of the personnel working at the university are divided between the following categories:

a) Academic personnel (professor, associated professor, assistant-professor and assistant);

b) Administrative personnel;

c) Assistant personnel;

d) Invited (part-time) personnel.

-  According to the data of May, 2019, statistics about affiliation, sex and age are provided in the graphs:

-  Professors, associated professors and assistant-professors participate in the education process and/or scientific research or/and conduct them; an assistant conducts seminar and research works by an order of a professor, associated professor or assistant professor within the education process conducted at an educational unit.

-  Academic personnel of Tbilisi Humanitarian University is selected according to the determined requirements and conditions determined by the requirements of the laws of Georgia and internal regulations of the university and decisions made by the competition committee of Tbilisi Humanitarian University.

-  An academic position shall be taken only through an open competition, which is conducted by following the principles of justice and equality; an academic position of professor and associated professor shall be taken by 4 years and an academic position of assistant-professor and assistant shall be taken by 3 years; a decision on conducting an open competition, determining its date and competition committee is made by the academic board through solicitation of a faculty; conditions of a competition is determined by an academic board by consideration of the faculty proposals and requirements of the laws of Georgia and this decree; after declaring an open competition an order of a rector is issued; date of a competition and competition conditions are published no less than 1 month before reception of the competition application and attached documents according to the rules determined by the laws of Georgia.

-  The issues related to affiliation are regulated by the academic board of the university, according to the approved rules.

-  The rule for the affiliation of the Academic Personnel of Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University regulates legal relations arising out of the affiliation between THU and the holders of the academic positions and determines the terms, the observance of which shall be mandatory for the academic personnel. The affiliation means a written agreement between THU and the person holding the academic position, by which each person holding the academic position (professor, associate professor, assistant professor, assistant) determines his/her affiliation only with THU and on its behalf: participates in the development of the society and in the process of sharing the knowledge; implements educational, teaching and research, and methodical activities and the results of his/her research are ascribed to THU; is actively involved in decision-making processes on education, research and other important issues in THU; is actively involved in providing the students of THU with the consultation and in managing their research or/and practical component; An affiliated person is obliged to perform educational, teaching and research, and methodical activities in accordance with the labor agreement; An affiliated person is authorized to be elected in the management bodies of THU in accordance with the provisions of THU; An affiliated person is entitled to hold an administrative position if the workload under the labor agreement concluded with him/her does not exceed 6 hours; An affiliated person shall be entitled to benefit from a paid leave under the law; An affiliated person shall be entitled to hold an academic position in another educational institution if his / her workload does not exceed 12 contact hours per week; An affiliated person shall be obliged to warn the university about his/her decision to affiliate with other higher education institution 30 days before. The University will fund the publication of a scientific work of an affiliated person (article, manual, monograph, etc.); it will also fund the business trip and the participation in the activities important to his/her development (training, conference, symposium, workshop, etc.), which is based on the content of the affiliation. The university will give the priority to the affiliated person during the decision making on funding the internal scientific grants of the University; 

-  The university is entitled to cancel the affiliation agreement and the affiliation agreement labor contract in case the violation of the terms of affiliation by a person affiliated with the University.

Human Resources Management Policy